Hydergine Tablets 30x4.5mg.

Dihydroergotoxine mesylate. Brain oxygen balancing tablets for cognitive and memory enhancement.

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What is Hydergine? 

What is Dihydroergotoxine mesylate?

Hydergine / Dihydroergotoxine Mesylate is a Nootropic that is derived from rye and it has become one of the world's most useful and popular nootropics. Created in the 1940's hydergine is a widely used product throughout the world for a number of treatments and reasons including age-causing cognitive decline, memory enhancement, learning, concentration, raising dopamine levels and as a powerful antioxidant.

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Hydergine is a very tested product and it is extremely non-toxic and has very few side-effects. As proven in numerous studies, Hydergine offers many brain-boosting and anti-aging benefits.

Many studies have shown Hydergine's ability to balance or stabilize the brain's oxygen levels, so if brain's oxygen levels are too low then Hydergine will raise them and if too high then Hydergine will lower them. Sometimes Hydergine is used before surgery or after strokes, hemorrhages, certain accidents and heart attacks. Other studies suggest that Hydergine may be able to help reverse damage to brain cells.

It was in the 1940's that a considerable amount of research went into Hydergine, especially as studies started to uncover its enhancing effects on cognition. It was developed due to its ability to control geriatric disorders by improving peripheral circulation and cerebral function in fact Hydergine was one of the first products to work as an effective treatment for Alzheimer's disease and senile dementias.

70 years on and Hydergine is used all around the world treating a wide variety of conditions including age-related cognitive decline all with a plethora of anti-aging, brain-enhancing benefits. As you would imagine for a product which has been in circulation for such a long time, Hydergine is apparently one of the most tested pharmaceuticals ever developed.

Hydergine can enhance memory and learning whilst improving cognitive abilities, such as concentration and recall along with its property to help in the prevention of damage to brain cells caused by hypoxia or insufficient oxygen. Some studies have even suggested that Hydergine may even be able to help reverse existing damage to brain cells. Hydergine is a vasodilator increasing blood flow and oxygen levels in the brain and enhances the metabolism of brain cells and it has shown to increase the volume while reducing the size of mitochondria - the power houses which produce ATP (energy). It also improves the uptake of glucose which is necessary for brain energy and assists in the reduction of the age-related toxin lipofuscin.

Brain-derived neurotrophic factor, known as BDNF, is involved in the growth of neurons and neuritis as well as in their repair when damaged. Hydergine stimulates new interconnective growth between neurons which causes the release of BDNF. As we age neurons get disconnected as the brain produces less and less BDNF. Hydergine copies the effect of nerve growth factor which stimulates the growth of new dendrites which are at the receiving ends of brain cells. Dendrites usually decline with aging. This is an important mechanism which, in the elderly, may enhance memory and learning. With various neuroscientists believing that there is a correlation between the number of interneural connections (dendrites) in the brain and intelligence, Hydergine increases the cortical thickness and raises the levels of the neurotransmitter dopamine.

Hydergine has a remarkable ability to stabilize the oxygen levels in the brain. Oxygen is unique in that it can produce free radicals and be a free radical scavenger. At optimum, balanced levels oxygen kills more free radicals than it produces but with either too much or too little oxygen it creates them, which in turn can lead to aging. Should the brains oxygen levels be too low then Hydergine raises them and vice versa. In some European countries Hydergine is used pre-operatively and after heart attacks, hemorrhages and after strokes in order to gain some extra time. Hydergine is also chosen when dealing with certain accidents like electrocution or drowning.

Hydergine can normalize systolic blood pressure and has also been shown to lower very high cholesterol levels as well as reduce the symptoms of lethargy. As with other nootropics, a feeling of brain-awakening is often expressed.

Some people need to take Hydergine for several months before any significant effects are felt and often when first using Hydergine people can draw to the conclusion that it is not very effective. Some studies were showing mild, less dramatic effects and this lead to many physicians, particularly in Europe, to draw to the conclusion that the dosage was too low. The U.S. recommended dose is 3 mg. per day, while the European recommended dose is 9 mg. per day in 3 divided doses. Most people find the most suitable dosages to be around 2.25mg to 4.5mg per day with occasional breaks. Always consult your professional medical advisor before taking.

Hydergine is extremely nontoxic and has very few side-effects, however, Hydergine may initially cause some mild nausea, gastric disturbances and bradycardia. It is contraindicated for people who are allergic to it, who suffer from psychosis, or who have an abnormally slow heartbeat or low blood pressure. Combining Hydergine with other ergot derivatives (such as Nicergoline or the more potent Bromocriptine) or other cognitive enhancers may (probably will) have a synergistic effect, so you may need to scale down the dosages of all. One should seek the advice of a physician especially when combining Hydergine with other cognitive enhancers especially if taking at a dosage higher than 9 mg. per day. The most common side effect is stomach upset. This can be avoided by using specially coated (FAS) tablets or by using a sublingual liquid preparation.

With its beneficial affects, mild side effects and few contraindications, Hydergine must surely rank as one of the most important anti-aging medicines available today.

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