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Noopept is one of the most effective and stongest of all the Nootropic supplements on the market today.  It has been found to improve memory, learning capacity, focus and concentration.

√ Promotes Alertness and Memory Enhancement

√ Mild Psychostimulant and Anxiolytic Effect

√ Exhibits Significant Neuroprotective Effect

This supplement is also important for supporting overall brain health.  Noopept is actually considered a neuroprotectant, meaning that it has the ability to help protect the neurons in the brain from damage.

References, Research & Articles:

Neuroprotective Effect of Novel Cognitive Enhancer Noopept

Anti-Inflammatory Action of Noopept

Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement take 1 or 2 capsules daily or as directed by your health care professional.

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Noopept - A Peptide Nootropic

Noopept is a peptide nootropic promoted worldwide as a nootropic and it is sold in the U.S. as a legal dietary supplement.  Noopept is not from the racetam family but it is generally grouped together in the same category because it shares similar mechanisms of action with the racetam family.  It is growing in popularity due to its effectiveness as a cognitive enhancing compound and because its active dose range is between 10mg to 30mg, which is much lower than compounds that offer similar effects such as the racetams.  When compared to the traditional racetams, Noopept has been found to be, according to studies, 1000 times more potent than the prototypical racetam nootropic, piracetam.


Noopept is one of the strongest nootropics available on the market today. It provides a boost to overall cognition and has a slight psychostimulatory effect. What makes Noopept a unique nootropic is that its effects are felt almost immediately after ingestion.

Studies show that Noopept has high neuroprotective properties.  The stimulation of the neurons caused by this health supplement prevents oxidative damage and death of cells in the human brain, due to aging.  Many patients dealing with cognitive impairment regularly can benefit from a regular dosage of Noopept to prevent further dissociative cognitive functions.  Noopept has been shown to increase two very special proteins in the body, namely, NGF (Nerve Growth Factor) and BDNF (Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor).  While NGF is involved in the growth, maintenance, and survival of nerve cells, including brain cells; BDNF protein in the brain can contribute significantly to long-term memory improvements.

History of Noopept

Noopept is a brand name for a smart drug that was developed in the 1970s. It was developed by a Russian pharmaceutical company, and is currently a prescription drug in Russia. In 1995, a patent application was filed in the United States. However, the FDA has not yet approved its use. The European Medicines Agency has not yet approved its use as well.

Benefits of Noopept

Memory, Learning, and Recall: Noopept increasing one’s memory, learning abilities and speed of recall. It appears to be especially effective regarding long-term memory. Problem solving skills are also said to improve due to an increase in acetylcholine. Studies have shown that psychostimulants like this nootropic can provide an effective treatment for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Neuroprotective: Noopept acts as an antioxidant, it helps to detoxify the brain. Brain cell damage is reduced, preventing cell death. Nerve growth is also increased, leading to better overall brain health. It may be possible to repair damaged cells associated with Alzheimer’s and other related cognitive disorders with noopept.

Increased levels of NGF: NGF (Nerve Growth Factor) is a unique protein in the body that is involved in the growth, maintenance, and survival of nerve cells, including brain cells. NGF is also considered to be a key player in neurogenesis, your body’s ability to create new cells.

Increased levels of BDNF: BDNF (Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor) are chemicals in the brain responsible for the creation of new brain cells, and they promote the health of neurons, dendrites, and synapses. By taking Noopept you enhance the level of BDNF in the brain. Over time, an increase in this brain chemical can result in enhanced long-term cognitive health.

Improves Communication between Brain Hemispheres: Noopept enhances the development of connections and growth of new synapses that connect the left and right hemispheres of the brain improving communication between the two hemispheres. Some reports show improved quality of vision or sharper focus from the use of Noopept.

How It Works

Noopept Powder is known to interact with glutamatergic system, modifying receptors to become more sensitive to glutamate, which plays a key role in cognitive processes such as memory formation and focus. Noopept has also been shown to increase nerve growth factor (NGF) and brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF).

Noopept also increases oxygen levels in the brain, providing a sense of clarity.


Since Noopept is so potent, only a small dose is needed. To supplement noopept, one should take 10 – 30 mg (divided into 2 or 3 doses) everyday for up to 56 days at a time with extended breaks in between each period of usage. The maximum daily dosage should be no more than 10 mg three times daily.

For 1st time users, we recommend starting with the minimum effective dose, with careful observation, before increasing dosage. Each person should determine their own optimum dosage.

Do not take Noopept late in the evening as its energizing effects may interfere with sleep.


Noopept can be taken alone but also does very well in nootropic stacks for synergistic benefits.

Noopept, Piracetam, and Alpha GPC Stack

Typical Noopept stacks will include a choline source such as Alpha GPC and even the mood-enhancing Centrophenoxine. You may want to include Piracetam to potentiate noopept’s effects. Piracetam works on acetylcholine and Noopept works on glutamate. The two supplements taken together therefore boosts functionality of both transmitters resulting in a tremendous boost to a variety of cognitive processes. Adding a choline supplement to the stack makes the piracetam more effective and helps to hold off headaches reported by some initial-stage Noopept users.

Noopept, Aniracetam, Sulbutiamine Stack

You can stack Noopept with Aniracetam and Sulbutamine to potentiate its cognitive effects, improve mood and at the same time to reduce anxiety. These effects on mood and anxiety should also indirectly lead to improved creativity and mental performance due to the relaxed mind state.

Keep in mind that all nootropics should be cycled to avoid building up a tolerance to it.

Side Effects of Noopept

Noopept is well-tolerated in healthy adults and has very low risk of side effects when used according to recommendations. High doses of noopept (above 30 mg) can cause short-term memory loss, brain fog, headache, and issues sleeping. To combat headaches, try taking Noopept in a stack with a choline supplement like our Alpha GPC or Centrophenoxine.

If you are taking other medications, ask your doctor if there will be any significant interactions. Currently, there are no dangerous interactions reported. However, this does not exclude the possibility.

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Noopept (20 mg x 90 capsules)

Active Ingredient: N-phenylacetyl-L-prolylglycine ethyl ester, a synthetic Nootropic molecule.

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