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Picamilon (also known as N-nicotinoyl-GABA, Pycamilon and Pikamilon) is a nootropic created in 1969 used for cognitive support.

• Anxiety & Stress Relief

• Learning & Memory Enhancement

• Improved Concentration, Alertness & Mental Stamina

• Brain & Body Relaxation Without Sedation

• Improves Sleep

It provides a tranquilized yet energized state of being.

Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, take 1 or 2 capsules daily or as recommended by your health care professional.

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What is Picamilon?

Picamilon is the chemical bonding of two nutrients GABA (gamma-amino-butyric acid) and Niacin (Nicotinic acid) and it was synthesized in 1969 by the All-Union Scientific Research Institute. The bonding of these two nutrients into one compound has created unique spectrums of beneficial nootropic (cognitive enhancing) effects. The preparation was introduced in medical practice over 25 years ago.


Picamilon Uses

Interest in Picamilon may be attributed to the unique combination of its pharmacological properties. It possesses high cerebrovascular activity and nootropic effects but also a unique tranquilizing effect without myorelaxation effect. Picamilon has the ability to quickly restore mental and physical fitness for work, often lost through overstress. Studies have shown that Picamilon dramatically increases blood flow and circulation within the brain, and achieves results far superior to other nootropic agents. Picamilon's tranquilizing action prevents the negative physiological effects of emotional stress, it helps moderate states of anxiety and depressed negative emotions but Picamilon doesn't have any sedative qualities. Uniquely Picamilon provides a tranquilized yet energized state of being.

Picamilon is used in the capacity of a nootropic and vasoactive agent for mild to moderate ischemic disturbances of the cerebral blood circulation. It is also used for discirculatory encephalopathy, vegetative dystonia, craniocerebral traumas, neuroinfections and migraine. Picamilon has proven to be an effective medicinal treatment for patients with disorders of a neurotic level, with accompanying manifestations of anxiety, elevated irritability fear, emotional and vegetative instability. Additionally, within the elderly Picamilone assists with senile psychosis and depressive disorders and it is used in the treatment of alcoholism and acute alcoholic intoxication.

More recently Picamilone has been used in opthalmological practice for diseases of the retina and the optic nerve and for primary open-angle glaucoma. It has also shown some value with urological disorders in children and adults in improving the function of the urinary bladder.

Consult with your medical professional before taking.

Picamilon Effects

Picamilon's effects are usually felt within an hour and lasts between 4-6 hours. Picamilon provides a mild tranquilizing and mood stabilizing effect without sedation in small doses of 50mg three times per day. Higher doses of perhaps100mg three times per day will provide a stimulating influence increasing energy and endurance. Picamilon's cognitive enhancing effects are cumulative and become more evident after several weeks of daily usage.

As noted by many clinicians and physicians the varied therapeutic actions of Picamilon opens up its wider possibilities as a medicinal and preventive product especially if you consider Picamilon's low toxicity and lack of allergenic or carcinogenic properties and minimal side effects which include occasional headaches, dizziness and nausea.

Stacking with Other Nootropics

Picamilon may be synergistic with other nootropics so reduce overall dosages. Acquire a medical professional's advice should you be taking or plan to start taking Picamilon particularly if combining with potent vasodilators such as, ginkgo biloba, nicergoline, xanthinol nicotinate or vinpocetine. Avoid combining it with other MAO-A products like Deprenyl, GH3 or SSRI's like Prozac unless under the recommendation of your physician. Anyone taking any other prescribed medication or pregnant / lactating women should consult a physician before using Picamilon. If using long-term, supervision and monitoring by a health care professional is recommended.


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Picamilon (100 mg x 60 capsules)

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I really like Picamilon
I really like Picamilon and found it to be effective for helping me stay focused at work, with no side effects. Review by Amy, Texas

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